There’s an app for wine but is there one for whiners?

You will acquiesce! Got it?

Nope, don’t believe there is. I should invent one.

What I mean, is I need an app that records the amount of times your kid asks the same question over and over and over and over and over and over again with the added aggravation of an extra whiny, mumbly voice.

That way, when extra whiny, mumbly voiced kid’s dad gets home you can literally tell them, “Holy crap, your daughter asked if she could go over to Lauryn’s house to play 166 times today. What part of ‘no’ didn’t she get? See?” Then show them the app.

Result: no TV in the afternoon.

Of course, now she’s in the basement playing happily with all her toys that she doesn’t play with enough. Why? Because I’m a bad mom and don’t institute enough No TV Time. Funny since I came from a family where TV was allowed only before dinner, Friday and Sunday nights. What happened to Saturday? Maybe nothing was on we were allowed to watch . Knight Rider and Love Boat where on Fridays.

Well that’s it.

But, how do I make the transition? Turning it off for longer lengths each day I suppose. And, when school’s out that equals more time at home or better yet, playing outside if the weather’s good.

On the other hand, how to make transition more smooth without resulting in other fits or whathaveyou where the end result was no TV anyway?


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