Sidekicks Alfredo, in all their sodium-packed, cardboardery-tasting goodness. Soph & Boobs love it. It doesn’t contain peanut butter, therefor I don’t.

How do you make Sidekicks even fancier than they already are? Toss frozen (cooked) shrimp into the pot, let em thaw/heat up and serve to your kid!

Don’t worry, I gave her more than one shrimp.

Boobs has hockey tonight, so it was just us girls for dinner. What will I be having? Oh, probably peanut butter.

How is it that when you ask your kid if they want more dinner, they say no. You offer them fruit, they have a few pieces. They don’t want the rest, so you eat the remaining strawberries in the bowl. Then you proceed to tidy up. Once the tidying is done, your kid comes to you and whines about being hungry. I don’t get it. Hungry tummy to bed = lesson learned, I guess.


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