Asshats R Us

Well, not R Us, more like R Them, but that didn’t sound as good.

The asshat in particular is Boobs’ arthritis specialist. We need a letter from him to add to the mountain of paperwork for our adoption application.

The family Dr did one but the social worker said it wasn’t good enough. It had to come from the fancy Dr.

Boobs brought a copy of the original letter to said specialist. Specialist essentially refused to write a letter.

Pardon me? You can’t sit down and write a few piddly lines on your patient’s behalf? Are you too busy? Too inconsiderate? Is it beneath your years of schooling and you only know how to write prescriptions now?

I spoke to his assistant who was also useless and didn’t even offer any kind of whispered, “I’m sorry, I know how frustrating it must seem. Dr. P can be real prick sometimes…” Even that would have made me feel better. Her only comeback to me explicitly saying this is holding up our application (idiots) was that “He isn’t able to to the letter and this was relayed to (Boobs) when he was in for his appointment.”

I don’t care if she was mad at me, with the way she mumbled an annoyed “Bye” before hanging up. I’M the one who’s allowed to get MAD.

So then I phoned the family Dr and tried to retell the story and begged the assistant to tell the Dr at that office to call stupid specialist Dr and light a fire under his ass…

Well whadda ya know: just as I hit Publish on this post the phone rang and it was asshat’s office. The receptionist said they’d leave a copy of the Consult Letter at the front desk for us to pick up. I hope it’s good enough because there’s probably no way we could get any additional information out of him.

Boobs still thinks he’s an asshat though.


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