More interested in the laughs than the winner. Sorry, Idol

So for the finale of American Idol, I honestly didn’t really care who won. I’m not much of a Phillip Phillips fan. Boobs and I had more fun watching – who the eff was it? – sing and capture her freaky faces. She was like some kind of Sammy David Jr slash Glamazombie singer at an undead concert.

And what was with the over enunciation of the lyrics – it looked like her jaw was dislocated she could open her mouth so wide. At one point I thought I was watching the Cowardly Lion sing King of the Forest, she sounded exactly like him.

We were also weirded out by her hair – especially in rewind. Was there a midget under there, waving it around? The song seemed to go on forever, but maybe that’s because of all the interruptions. The auditions at the beginning of the show is really my favourite part.

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{More funny faces from Idol}


2 thoughts on “More interested in the laughs than the winner. Sorry, Idol

  1. Sounds exactly like what went on in our living room only we didn’t pause and reply. Because somebody gets huffy with that. She was a gross singer and extremely good for a laugh!

  2. Oh, and I forgot to mention, her bangs were very distracting (and amusing) the way they bounced up and down as one whole unit…

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