“I say, wouldn’t I look smashing on a garment?”

Last night I had a dream that involved three things: shopping, my kid, and a mammal.

Yesterday I was doing some online shopping. It was actually more like online window shopping because I only put things in the shopping cart but never checked out. Maybe that’s what prompted my dream.

Anyway, in my dream I ended up buying some very cool mittens with narwhals on them and they had a zipper that went up the length of the mitten so you could get them extra snug. I don’t remember the colour, but the narwhal was on the hand part of the mitten. The other part of my dream was that I was shopping with Soph and she was acting up, so I quickly bought the mittens and we left the store. The end.

But getting back to those mittens, I want them. Can someone make them for me? There’s a surprisingly cool amount of narwhal-themed stuff on Etsy, such as:

A hat

One made of felt

Some tights

A very cool tee

A painted Scrabble tile necklace

A nightlight

A sterling silver necklace


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