Boobs: the man, the nickname

One of my husband’s nicknames is Boobs, a.k.a on this blog. I’m sorry to say that it’s really not a very funny story how he got it. It didn’t come from a night of barhopping or a Vegas vacation – maybe more so for a particular predilection to his own chest (?), which is why he works out. The name came from a conversation he had with a buddy at the gym (insert your own *yawn* here).

He and I were doing our cardio on the elliptical, I think. A friend came up to him to chat (a British guy). He (husband) made some kind of remark about chesticles (it could very well have been about his own) and his friend replied, “Boobs, Dave?” (You have to say it with a real good British accent though: Baoobzz Dayveh). So, mostly I just call him Boobs, sometimes the full “Boobs Dave” if I’m mad at him.

It stuck. At least with me.


4 thoughts on “Boobs: the man, the nickname

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