Camera Crumbs

It’s funny how we can imagine all of the potential in our own children through our bird’s-eye view of their abilities and interests, yet we somehow lose sight of our own. For instance, I’m a proud mom who can see her daughter (who’s six years old) as being a doctor, a scientist or a photographer but I’d never dare to think I could have been any of those things.

Soph loves to take pictures and is always asking to use my iPod, iPhone or camera (like every other kid these days). I usually just let her use the iPod and that seems to work out to her advantage – she uses Hipstamatic and Cam Wow way more than I do, and she always comes out with really cool shots, a lot of which I’ll probably feature in this blog.

This is a picture she took with Hipstamatic. I like the balance of the photo – more like the off-balance – and the angle it was taken at (think Star Wars: “In a galaxy far, far away…) I can just pick out a few words that tells me it was one of the Harry Potter books I was reading.


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