50-50 chance if I’ll read 50 Shades of Grey

For Shame!

K, so I haven’t read 50 Shades of Grey yet but my sister emailed me the other day: “Hey, I see you marked 50 shades of grey as “to read” on Goodreads. We got it into our library. Linda told me one of the patrons said the book should come with a vibrator. D’oh! Enjoy. :>”

Now I’m wondering whether I want to read it or not. Or, maybe I will and just not admit to it.

Maybe the author went through the Kama Sutra and picked out her 50 favourite positions and wrote a story around them? I have no idea. I wonder if some people would be judgmental of me if I told them I read it? Would they think I was sex-starved? Sex-crazed? Either way, they’d know that I indulged in some page-porn. Plus, I’m not the type that would want to sit around book-club-style and discuss any of the romps in this book and compare them to real life relations.

“Not right now, Mommy’s busy!”

Imagine if someone you knew had a copy and you asked to borrow it. Then they give it to you and it’s all dog-eared, or the pages are wrinkly like they’d either kept reading the same smutty excerpts over and over again, or had it in the bathtub – or worse- you’d wonder how else it got a damaged. Then it’d be your turn to be judgmental/leery/curious/creeped-out.

To help – or hinder – your decision to read it let comedian, Gilbert Godfried introduce you to this book:


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