You Cues, You Lose

“I’m a mime! I’m a mime”

Non-verbal cues. You know: when someone’s got their arms crossed (they’re cold/cold-hearted or pouting like a toddler); legs crossed whilst fidgeting (maybe they have to pee – or worse); a person wrinkling their nose (they think something – or someone – smells), backing away from a close-talker (personal space has been compromised, and maybe close-talker has bad breath); turning away from a person who’s gotten too chatty (The conversation is now stale and they’d rather just stare into the distance and look preoccupied.)

What about the lesser-known cues? Are there any? It’s gross, but here’s one I’ve been wondering about:

Say you’ve created an ‘issue’ at the same time someone’s in the shower but you don’t flush because it would be impolite to scald them. What if you’re in a public bathroom and you’ve made a mess of things but there’s a huge lineup of other people waiting for a free stall? Put the seat down. There are a couple of options for your exit strategy: eyes down, wash hands and leave as quickly as possible, or take a cue from Jim Carey. “Do NOT go in there. Wooo!” Someone should know better than to lift the seat up. It’s like Pandora’s noxious box.


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