Fit to Be Flattered?


What’s more flattering (if at all)? One: to receive a compliment from a total stranger (like a creepy older car salesman), or two: to have someone yell something at you while you’re running?

My friend and I were talking about this the other night. I got uncomfortably-complimented while looking at cars one day. The guys said something contained the word “stunning” and maybe my eyes were involved in that statement somewhere (but I’ve almost finished blocking it all out so I can’t really recall).

Boobs had gone out to the car to get his wallet when things got awkward. Thankfully creepy-complimenter-dude didn’t have to go on the test drive with me. I had to go alone because Boobs had to stay back with our daughter. In the end, we ended up getting our car at a similar dealership, but elsewhere. Normally Boobs isn’t the jealous type. I don’t know if that actually made him jealous or if it just creeped him out too.

My friend thinks option one is better. I’d say two is better because they keep on driving by, and you keep running in the opposite direction. Encounter complete! What if someone shouted out something about your knockers whilst jogging, or “I want to see you naked!!!!”? You don’t have to respond. I guess you could, with any of the following gestures: a thumbs-up? An OK? The finger, or if you felt like it, the “Call me!”…


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