Academically Eating

The Sargent Pepper’s lonely stomach club.

“A web site dedicated to the culinary pursuit of grilled cheese sandwich excellence.” Stop. You had me at your domain name.

Yesterday I found something online I’d never seen before: The Grilled Cheese Academy. Based, where else? Wisconsin. All of the sandwiches have very high-end sounding names, like: The Bavaria, The Brasserie and The Francesca. The Appleton made me drool: it’s “a scrumptious arrangement of Wisconsin Cheddar, fresh apples, and salted caramel sauce atop a slice of brioche.” Mmm, salted caramel…and cheese.

There are no less than 30 recipes to try, a cheese index and tips (margarine is no-no, in case you didn’t know). I could eat my way through the whole lineup in a month. It’d be like my own personal Julie & Julia.

Grilled Cheese Academy


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