Winner, Winner, Tasty Chicken Dinner

Chicken Harissa, from Milestones.

If I’m out for dinner somewhere I usually my favourites, or if it’s a new place I’ll find something on the menu that falls under the category of my comfort foods: Thai Peanut Curry (with sticky rice) from Thai Coconut, Chicken Shawarma from Montfort; Chipotle Sirloin from Canyon Creek, Pulled Pork Entree, mac & cheese and a tea biscuit from Memphis Fire BBQ.

Last night I felt adventurous for some reason – maybe it was because I was out with a group I’d never dined with before. I decided to go for the Chicken Harissa from Milestones. It was fantastic and really unique (I’m not a foodie but I can appreciate good food). It’s not that often that I like a meal enough that I’ll want to recreate it at home (peanut curry and shawarma excepted). Hand me a tasty baked good and I’ll more than likely want the recipe but now I want to make me some Harissa.

Here’s how they describe it: “Chili spiced grilled chicken breast inspired by the Tunisian region of North Africa. Layered with creamy Fontina cheese and drizzled with a lemon mint yogurt. Paired with a brown rice, sweet potato and parsnip pilaf, and a side of seasonal vegetables”

Harissa is the North Africans’ answer to hot chili paste, commonly used in Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian food. You can use with couscous, soup and pasta. From a bit of research (for my grocery list) looks like the main ingredients in the paste are: chili peppers, garlic, salt, olive oil, coriander, caraway seeds and cumin.

Mmm, Harissa…


One thought on “Winner, Winner, Tasty Chicken Dinner

  1. I’ve been looking for that recipe also, that chicken Harissa was super, the next time I went to milestones I tried something else..
    It was good, but i left longing the the Harissa

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