Sleep App-nea

Last night I got home late and when bedtime rolled around I was wide awake and my thoughts were whirring. I was pretty sure I was going to be awake for a while so I turned on one of the apps on my iPad that promote relaxation and sleep. The one I picked was Sleep Pillow.

The highest timer setting without going over an hour is only 15 minutes and I thought for sure I’d still be awake before it shut off. Nope, I was happily foiled by its restful spa music. This is the third time I’ve used this app (but the first time I was so awake) and it’s worked every time.

The Globe & Mail just published an article today about the affects of less sleep which can cause weight gain. I might consider buying the full version of Sleep Pillow, to get every extra minute of Zs so I can fit into my clothes and still enjoy my chocolate chip cookies.

Sleep Pillow on the iTunes Store


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