Cheese, gorilla…please!

One of my goals this spring/summer is to track down the Gorilla Cheese mobile food truck in Hamilton. I. Love. Grilled. Cheese. It was my first food obsession.

Ah, the GC. Things have come a long way since I was young and my parents used to order a GC for me whenever we went out to eat. Sure, they say that I fell asleep almost every time before my food arrived, but maybe that’s what helped harness need for this hot, pressed, gooey sandwich. The fumes wafting off the plate in front of me while I slept must have crept into my olfactory senses and set up permanent residence there.

There’s the kind of GC you get at diners, with the Texas toast or just regular white bread and the processed cheese slice in the middle, then there are the more gourmet versions. I’ll eat them all. One of my favourites: the Pot Roast Grilled Cheese from Turtle Jacks Muskoka Grill, and I see there’s another on the menu I’ve yet to try.


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