Running, scared!

This is how I used to feel about running: scared. For years I’ve told myself (and other people who were actually runners) that I’ve always wanted to try running for fitness. But, I never did,  because some smelly metaphorical Bigfoot kept getting in my way. I never bothered putting my shoes on and going out the door, just to give it a try and see how far I could go. I work out, I’m fairly fit, except maybe around the middle where my pizza and chocolate chip cookies like to collect.

Finally last week I did put my shoes (and my iPod) on, step out the door and take my first steps to being able to finally try give myself the title of “runner”. I ran (mostly) and walked some. I was accosted by a mother goose protecting her nest as she ushered me along the sidewalk like an Italian mobster: Get Outta Hee! Then a few blocks from my house I was startled by a good-sized coyote that ran across my path and charged after something in the trees.

This might seem pretty boring, but it all made for a great first-time running experience for me.


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